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  • COMDP Solver: A concurrent MDP solver to solve planning under uncertainty problems that require executing more than one action at a time step.
  • BlackBox: An extremely fast planning system that combines SAT technology with Graphplan (won a track at both the 2006 and 2004 International Planning Competitions)
  • TGP: A fast temporal planner, motivated at NASA spacecraft domains.
  • SGP: A planner that handles uncertainty, sensory actions and combines conformant and contingent planning.
  • LPSAT: A metric resource planner, which solves planning problems by compiling them to a combination of linear inequalities and SAT formulas.
  • UCPOP: (distributed to 100+ sites) Handles universal quantification and conditional effects.

  • NASA Mars Rover Domain
  • A slightly simplified model of the rover instrumentation and mutual exclusion rules based on the actual MER "flight rules."

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