WinMine and NBE Model Files

All model files produced in our experiments are accessible in the directory here.

Filenames ending with .xmod are WinMine model files; those ending with .model are NBE model files; those ending with .marg_model are marginal NBE model files (baseline models, each consisting of a single cluster). Cross-validated datasets have 30 model files each (10 WinMine, 10 NBE, 10 marginal). Their filenames are of the form *-1.model, *-2.model, etc. or *-1.xmod, *-2.xmod, etc. or *-1.marg_model, *-2.marg_model, etc.

NBE model files use a fairly simple format. The first line provides the number of values for each attribute. The second line gives the cluster distribution, P(C). Each of the following lines corresponds to a cluster. Each cluster describes the distribution of each attribute's values. Attribute distributions are listed in order, separated by semicolons.

We do not document WinMine model files here. See the WinMine Toolkit home page for more information about the WinMine Toolkit.

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